Lotus Thai Wedding



Package Includes: • 3 nights at Deluxe Pool Villa • Honeymoon Villa decoration. • Secular ceremony (Non-religious). • English speaking celebrant. • Floral decoration including: • Flower arch • Flower aisle • Flower decorate for wedding venue • Chair decoration • Special Thai neck-garlands for the Bride & Groom. • Bridal bouquet • Wedding certificate • Thai traditional long drum parade from couple’s room to hotel lobby. • Three-tier wedding cake. • One-hour aroma therapy massage for Bride and Groom. • One bottle of champagne for toasting. • Romantic candlelit dinner for Bride & Groom. (The resort will recommend to the Bride & Groom an appropriate donation for the monks and temple attendants and the Sung-katarn gifts for the monks)



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 Sequence of the wedding ceremony

9.30: Guests are led in procession from their room by long drum parade and the Wedding Planner who escorts the couple to the wedding ceremony location

9.40: The Wedding couple arrives at the venue where they are greeted by family, friends and other well-wishers. Wedding Planner briefs the couple on the ceremony sequence.
Wedding ceremony commences.

9.50: The Bridal couple and entourage are seated.
The Bridal couple is invited to light the candles and joss sticks.

10.00: The blessing from the Buddhist monks commences.
10.30: The holy thread is placed on the couple's head, symbolizing their joining together and their foreheads are

marked with power in the form of a triangular mark, for good luck and a prosperous future.
At the end of the blessing, they offer the “Sung-katarn” to the monks. The couple and the guests then receive a final blessing of holy water from the monks as the ceremony comes to a close.

10.50: Bride & Groom proceed to be seated at the Thai style wedding altar where they are subsequently blessed by everyone in attendance (pouring spiritual water over their hands & blessing them). At this point in time, the couple may exchange their wedding rings.

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